Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Day of Homework

Today is the first time I have done homework since the Summer Semester has started. Wow, that break was great!!! Back to the grind... I am taking EPY 502 in addition to ISD 582. I will use this blog to post about my classes this semester.

The homework for EPY 502 was insane!! But I feel as though I learned a lot about how people learn. The learning process is very complex and interesting. I learned about how the brain stores information and how it converts information from your working memory to your long term memory. And just for the record - moving information from your working memory to your long term memory is just as hard to read about as it is to do it in real life!!!

ISD 582 is about theory and technology. Theory is a huge part of learning how things works, so I anxious to see what theories this class has in store. Theories provide us with a starting place and lend us the block upon which to build. Our first assignment was to create this blog. Let's hope the rest of the homework is as easy as this! :-)

Have a good evening, everyone!